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Saint-Pardoux Lake Is a major tourist site in the Haute-Vienne. At the heart of an unspoiled, natural site, this 330-hectare artificial lake is an ideal place for countryside activities.

For the whole of the tourist season, Saint-Pardoux Lake offers visitors a diverse range of services, Water Sports, Fishing, Swimming, Picnics, Treetop Adventure (Zip Lines, High Ropes etc.) and offers the possibility of wonderful mountain biking trails around the lake.

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The Oradour-sur-Glane Memorial Centre presents a historical and documentary exhibition about the massacre which occurred on June 10th, 1944, committed by a unit of the SS Das Reich Division, in the context of World War II. Its purpose is to testify, inform, and encourage visitors to think. It is a plea for worldwide peace.

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Bellac is the birthplace of the famous writer Jean Giraudoux, who considered it to be the most beautiful town in the world.

Bellac is a town of true character and the real tourist and cultural crossroads of the Haut-Limousin. Located 40 km north of Limoges and 30 km from the town of Oradour-sur-Glane and its history of WW2.

The history of Bellac is told through its monuments: the church of Notre Dame, its 12th century enamelled relic chest, its medieval houses, its picturesque alleys, and its beautiful views over the river Vincou.

The Pont de la Pierre in Bellac (13th century) spans the Vincou river and is one of the oldest medieval bridges in France. With its four arches, it was used by merchants on their way to Mortemart and the Atlantic coast. It is by this bridge that arrived the products of the sea, fish and salt, but also the wines of Charente.

Bellac also offers a multitude of cultural activities, and such leisure and relaxation options as theatre, library and media centre, cinema, outdoor pool, beautiful hikes, and excellent places to eat.

Bellac Tourist Office

Limoges is world-famous thanks to its porcelain. Recognised by UNESCO, Limoges is part of the global network of creative cities. This recognition acknowledges the region’s driving forces behind its arts du feu (literally ‘fire arts’), rich in history, creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Limoges diverse heritage and imposing monuments can be surprising: Saint-Etienne cathedral, which dominates the River Vienne valley, or the Saint-Michel-des-Lions church.

Even the architecture of the 20th century is grandiose like the emblematic Bénédictins railway station, with its unusual oriental look, ESTER Technopole, which looks like a huge saucer, the “Zenith”, concert hall, which appears as a musical bubble of glass and wood in a greenery case.

Royal Limoges Porcelain France

The village of Mortemart is situated in the north-west of Haute-Vienne, to the south-west of Bellac. The village is within the region known as the ‘Monts de Blond’ and is officially classified as one of the ‘most beautiful villages in France’.

This village has preserved numerous traces of its past, like the remains of the Dukes of Mortemart’s château, beautiful granite houses, two former convents and the picturesque 16th-century wooden covered market halls. Next to Place Royale square where the latter are located, the fort offers a peaceful and romantic setting with moats and a tranquil garden.

Visit Mortemart – One The Most Beautiful Villages of France / Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

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